Yacht Delivery Captains and Crew

Captain Dustin Ryan and his team provide the best in yacht delivery service. Our professional captains and crew are experienced in transporting both power and sailing yachts up to 85ft from the East Coast to the Caribbean and back. We are comprehensive, prompt and safe. Please ask to check our references list and speak with our many prior clients.

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We will provide the owner with a comprehensive report constructed from notes taken while underway. The delivery reports are very helpful to new and used boat owners. A yacht delivery survey provides valuable information for future maintenance or needed upgrades. The delivery survey is free, no additional cost to the owner, it is part of our delivery fee.

First concern is for the safety of the yacht and those aboard her. We can provide complete yacht inspection and delivery service or assist and train owners in the safe operation of their new yacht.

Rates are competitive, fair and in-line with our competition.

Please call to discuss your yacht delivery needs whether urgent or routine.

Dustin Ryan

Captain Dustin Ryan, an accomplished yachtsman with long voyages over many oceans under his belt. Dustin has spent the past 10 years sailing in waters from Hawaii to the Mediterranean Sea, including a transpacific sail in a 40ft sloop. An accomplished waterman Dustin is an avid surfer and loves ocean sports.

License includes 100 ton OUPV and STCW95.


Vessels and itineraries vary considerably and therefore it is not practical to set one rate for yacht delivery.

We generally contract deliveries for an all inclusive delivery service fee based upon a number of factors including: route and season proposed - vessel speed, equipment, condition and the number of crew required. The delivery service fee covers crew wages, transportation, and provisions for the duration of the delivery. Fuel, moorage, outfitting and repairs are billed at the completion of delivery at our direct cost.

We will deliver boats from 40ft to 85ft to offshore locations, anything smaller may be considered but the vessel must be in excellent condition.

Owners are expected to supply all US Coast Guard required equipment. The captain will verify the USCG-required equipment list prior to departure.

Owners are also expected to carry adequate insurance on the vessel, including covering the captain.

Boat deliveries can include operational training enroute for the owner and/or family members or passengers, if desired at extra cost.

If you would like a quote for the delivery of your vessel please call our office. We will be pleased to assist you in every way possible.

Here are guideline rates. These rates are to be used as an estimate only, so please contact us for an exact quote depending on your particular circumstances

Captain Fees Crew Fees if needed
per shore hour
per shore hour
per 24 hour at sea
per 24 hour at sea

Ground Travel & Standby Rates: Ground travel and standby rates (for example, mechanical problems, adverse weather conditions...) will apply at 75% of normal rates for periods greater than four hours.

Meals: $20 per day

Ground Transportation: At cost using most economic and practical means - train, taxi, bus or plane for longer distances. If the client provides ground transportation, there is no charge.

Consumables: Any fuel, oil or other consumables used during the trip will be at the owner's expense. We have current charts for most of the East Coast and Caribbean.

843-557-7403  or email dkryan1@gmail.com